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Financial Planning encompasses Financial, Personal, Family, Social and Health areas. By starting here, you can identify the areas that you need to accomplish your specific goals.

Financial Planning

Encompassing all the important aspects of life

This is your vision, your wealth, your life – we’ll guide, you decide.
With many financial products in the market, choosing the ones that best meet your needs can be complicated. That’s where we can help. We offer professional financial services and advice to help you design a Financial Plan that will help you to meet your current and future goals.

We have developed a different view of Financial Planning that encompasses all the aspects of your life that matter to you. By understanding your goals in these areas, we can best develop a Financial Pathway for you and for your future. This pathway or plan not only tracks your plan month-to-month, but also updates you on where you are at with obtaining your goals in real-time.


Whether reviewing all our products while creating your Financial Plan or looking for just one service, Atherton Wealth Advisors is available to assist you in meeting your goals.


If you are looking to create a pathway to your future, Financial Planning is the perfect solution. Here we walk through your goals with you and identify the areas you want to grow to success. By identifying goals within the five key areas of FINANCIAL, PERSONAL, FAMILY, SOCIAL and HEALTH, we are able to create your unique and personalized pathway that can grow with you over time to help achieve the results you want.


Budgeting/ Cash Flow Analysis
Risk Management
Investments & Insurance
Estate Planning
College Planning/ 529s
Rental Property Analysis
Mortgages/ Debt Management
Reverse Mortgages

Money Market Funds
Certificates of Deposit
Mutual Funds
Institutional Money Management Strategies
Stocks/ Bonds
Lifetime Annuities
Real Estate Securities
Stock Options

Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance

Retirement Distributions/ RMDs
IRAs/ Roth IRAs
IRA or Pension Rollovers
Self-employed Retirement
Pension & Profit Sharing
SEP-IRAs/ Solo 401(k)
Salary Reduction 401(k)
TSA/TDA 403(b) Plans
Non-qualified Retirement
Charitable Remainder Trusts

Tax Reduction
Tax Free Income
Tax Deferred Income

Sole Proprietorship
Buy/ Sell Strategies


Understanding the difference between a Certified Financial Planner and a Financial Advisor is just as important as deciding what school your child will attend. Learn why a CFP with an advanced education is important for your financial future.

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